Godmother Knows Best

The godmother of AI Fei-Fei Li’s new startup World Labs is making waves, hitting a $1 billion valuation in just four months. The company aims to give AI human-like visual skills, potentially changing how machines understand our 3D world.

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Microsoft Got to Bounce

Microsoft is stepping back from its observer seat on OpenAI’s board as regulators turn up the heat on big tech’s AI investments. With Apple also facing restrictions, OpenAI is shaking things up to keep key partners in the loop through regular stakeholder meetings instead.

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OpenAI is Wasting No TIME

OpenAI’s about to get its hands on TIME’s massive 101-year archive, which means ChatGPT and other OpenAI products are gonna be pumped full of TIME’s trusted journalism.

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Meta AI: Girl, So Confusing

Looks like Meta is having some trouble telling AI-generated images apart from the real deal on Facebook and Instagram. They’ve been accidentally labeling real photos as AI, which is pretty wild if you ask me!